Skype预览版For Android/iOS将支持PC或Mac发送和接收短信

在2016年底,微软推出了SMS中继功能到Skype预览,允许用户从一个应用程序发送他们的所有短信和Skype消息。但是,该功能仅适用于Windows 10移动设备。现在,据报道,微软正在为Android和iOS的Skype预览应用添加一项新功能,让用户可以从Skype for PC或Mac发送和接收短信。

新功能称为SMS Connect,现在显示在Android上的Skype预览设置中。但是,打开该功能的选项目前似乎不起作用。此更新是适用于Android和iOS的Skype预览版8.29.76的一部分。

此外,据说微软正在添加选项,以便在桌面上使用Skype SMS或SMS Connect功能,作为Skype预览应用程序更新的一部分。在Windows 10 PC上,据报道新的预览更新是版本8.29.76.16的一部分。

一旦该功能为每个人上线,用户将能够使用他们的Skype Credit或Microsoft的Your Phone应用程序发送短信。

与此同时,微软Skype和Outlook设计总监彼得·斯基尔曼(Peter Skillman)通过Twitter宣布呼叫录音开始在所有平台上推出到Skype应用程序。 Skype的通话录音功能于上个月公布,作为微软发布Skype版本8的一部分。

In late 2016, Microsoft rolled out the SMS Relay feature to Skype Preview to allow users to send all of their SMS and Skype messages from a single app. However, the feature was only available on a Windows 10 Mobile device. Now, Microsoft is reportedly adding a new capability to the Skype Preview app for Android and iOS that will let users send and receive SMS messages from Skype for PC or Mac.

The new feature is called SMS Connect, which now shows up on Skype Preview's settings on Android. However, the option to turn on the feature does not seem to be functional at the moment. The update is part of version 8.29.76 of Skype Preview for both Android and iOS.

Additionally, Microsoft is said to be adding the option to use either Skype SMS or the SMS Connect feature on desktops as part of an update to the Skype Preview app. On Windows 10 PCs, the new preview update is reportedly part of version

Once the feature goes live for everyone, users will be able to send text messages using their Skype Credit or Microsoft's Your Phone app.

Meanwhile, Peter Skillman, Microsoft's director of design for Skype and Outlook, announced via Twitter that call recording is starting to roll out to the Skype app across all platforms. The call recording feature for Skype was unveiled last month as part of Microsoft's announcement of Skype version 8.


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