Top Gear 第24季 1-7集 中文字幕 1080P HD全高清MP4文件下载

Top Gear 第24季已经在BBC播放,这一季的主持人都换了。好像没有以前那么幽默,带来的是另外一个风格了。

The first episode from the new series of Top Gear contains approximately 1,035bhp worth of track-only, outrageously aero’d Ferrari, and approximately… well, we’re not entirely sure how much bhp an old taxi, an old Merc and an old Volvo contain. Not much, probably.

What they do possess in spades however, is mileage. Matt, Chris and Rory attempt to answer a very sensible consumer question – finding the most reliable car on the market – using three very, very used cars.

Oh yeah, the Ferrari The Ferrari FXX K – an amalgam of Maranello’s race-bred pedigree all packaged up into one glorious repository of noise, power and outrageous levels of tech.

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