Adobe Acrobat官方强力卸载工具:AcroCleaner/Acrobat Cleaner Tool

正常来说您可以从 Windows 控制面板轻松地卸载 Acrobat;只有您在从控制面板卸载该程序时遇到问题,那么就请使用 Acrobat Cleaner Tool。

Acrobat Cleaner Tool(AcroCleaner)是Adobe官方推出的卸载工具,可解决因各种原因导致无法正常卸载的问题,也算是强力卸载的工具了。

AcroCleaner For Windows:

64-bit products only:
Feb 9, 2021: 64-bit installer, all tracks

32-bit products only:
June 10, 2015: All tracks
June 17, 2013: 10.x-11.x
June 17, 2013: 9.x

AcroCleaner For MacOS:


Dec 13, 2017: 11.x and later


官方文章:如何卸载并重新安装 Acrobat

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