Connecting to the New Network through Clean Access 如何连接到思科网络通道之中

Connecting to the New Network through Clean Access:

The new campus network can provide high-speed --1Gpbs (1 Gigabit per second)-- connectivity to the Internet and Rice campus resources. In addition, the new network provides access to the Internet for campus visitors while retaining a secure environment for Rice University students, faculty, and staff members.

To prevent degradation of speed and stability, all computers that attempt to connect to the Rice network must successfully pass through the Clean Access application.

Clean Access does not review any of the data on your personal computer, it only scans your operating system for current patches and checks for the presence of anti-virus software and/or actual viruses hiding in your machine.

If your machine has not been compromised by malicious programs (worms and viruses) and is running the current security patches for your operating system, you will simply accept the Appropriate Use of Computing Resources policy and enter the Rice network.

If your machine has been compromised or is an easy target for hijacking by a malicious agent, you will be prompted to scrub and update your computer before you can enter the Rice network.

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