IE10 for Windows 7下载地址

微软已经正式发布Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7,这一版本让Windows 7用户等待了好久。之前IE10一直仅在Windows 8上才可以使用,而在Windows 7中只有预览版提供。废话不多说了,以下是下载地址。简体中文版在线安装包数字签名:2013年2月17日,19:47:20(UTC+8)

Download Internet Explorer 10You can download Internet Explorer 10 in the language that matches your version of Windows or choose the English version, which works with all versions of Windows 7.

If you need help finding out which version of Windows you're running, see Is my PC running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows?

下载:Internet Explorer 10

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