ESET NOD32 6.0防盗窃功能(ESET Anti-Theft system)详解

ESET 6.0增加了“防盗窃”功能,这个名词在PC机上比较新鲜。在手机和平板电脑上就不是什么新名词了。
ESET很早就在安卓版本的 ESET Mobile Security for Android 上就增加了此功能。

下面就如何使用ESET 6.0防盗窃功能进行简要介绍:

1、首先你需要激活 ESET 防盗窃功能,激活方法请参阅:




5、Status 如果你的计算机并未丢失,请不要使用当前状态功能里面的Mark as Missing (标记为丢失),否则会影响你的系统登录

6、Activity 活动功快照功能可以通过网络远程对你的计算机当前使用窗口截图,并且还会通过计算机的摄像头进行拍照哦(并且可以下载到本地浏览)

7、Setting 设置功能可以移除你管理的计算机以及更新当前状态。

How to add a new device(如何添加新设备)

To add your device to the ESET Anti-Theft system, the following prerequisites must be met:

Created an ESET Account. If you do not have one, follow the instructions in the Sign in your ESET Account chapter of this manual.

Own a valid license for ESET Smart Security. If your license is expired, please see How to renew your licence.

If you have installed ESET Smart Security on your computer, associate your computer or device with your ESET Account directly from the program using the instructions below:

1.Click the Home tab in ESET Smart Security and follow the instructions under the ESET Anti-Theft is available message on the program screen.

2.Complete the fields in the Sign in with your ESET Account window and click Sign in.

After a successful association, your device will appear on the ESET Anti-Theft website when you successfully log in.



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