1. You should have nero 9 installed, and not running.
2. To use a generated serial, you have to press add to white-list.
3. If you've used it without "add to white list", simply click ["reset white list" and 'remove nero serials"] and retry.
4. Do always remember to close all nero components when you run the tool.
5. To use serials for components denoted by "Extra', you have to press 'Use extra codes" just once, this will convert all components to use new serials algorithm.
6. Serials are added automatically once you press "Add to white list".
Note: You get a Red pop up when they are added. It looks like an error message but it is not. Make sure you reset the white list and follow the instructions above.

打开注册机,点“remove all serials”,然后上面点“Product”选择注册机种类,点“generate生成注册号,再点“add to white list”就搞定注册了。

文件: keymaker.exe
大小: 3623424 字节
修改时间: 2009年3月30日, 0:24:24
MD5: B121DABD98870A8492CBB2D3C3D0A6B6
SHA1: 09509ED5642BB424D10718EB85AB192368724DBE
CRC32: 77E30A3B

nero9注册机 截图:



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  1. 有没有中文版的啊
    [reply=pop,2009-10-29 12:10 AM]注册机是中文的。nero9去官方网站下载试用版就可以了,有中文版。[/reply]

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